INSARN is the lead scientest of the zangyack empire. whenever a monster is destroyed, she uses the lasers on the gingat horse to grow it, as well as three sugormin drones, to giant size. the only time she doesnt is if she is on the battle field(example: episode 14), then oils gils would do it, or if the monster can grow on its own(example: in episode 29, the action commander could grow, so she was not needed during the first fight, BUT in the second fight, the action commander was blown up, so she had to despit being sick(she even points out the irony before passing out) also in episode 14, she showed some interest of kyosuke jinnai, the former red racer, but the action commander of the week had a crush on her, so it turned into a love triangle(similar to one that kyosuke got into in the orignal carranger)

as of episode 40, she is the only remaining member of the gigant horse remaining, since damaras was imprisoned, and oiles and barizorg were destroyed. she now takes orders from oiles's father, akudos gils.