Gou jyu drill

gou jyu drill

Gou jyu rex

gou jyu rex

Gou jyu jin

gou jyu jin

the GOU JYU JIN is the main mech of gai ikari/gokai silver. it fist debuted in episode 18. it is the secondary grand powers of zyuranger and timeranger, as well as the main grand power of abaranger.


gai received the power of gou jyu jin along with the gokai silver powers in episodes 17 and 18. gai first used it in episode 18 after gaining the trust of his teammates and fighting alongside them. gai received these powers by dragon ranger, time fire, and abarekiller. in episode 29, abareblue returned and gave the gokaiger the rest of the abangers grand power to form gou jyu gokai-OH.


gou jyu drill: the secondary grand power of the timeranger. in this form, the gou jyu drill is sent from the year 3000, launched in the providas base. it attacks opponents with its drill, hence the name.

gou jyu rex: the secondary grand power of the zyurangers: based off dragon caiser, the mech of dragonranger. it can slash opponents with its drill, as well as fire plasma beams.

gou jyu drill: the strongest form of gou jyu jin and the MAIN grand power of the abarangers. its main finisher is the gokai triple drill dream.


gou jyu gokai-OH: the combination of gou jyu jin and gokai-OH. it is gokai-OH with gou jyu jins arms, and can perform a similar to the gokai triple drill dream.

kanzen gokai-OH: the combination of gokai-OH, gou jyu jin, and engine machafalcon.