Los dark and combined combantant

los dark and the combined combatant


GOKAIGER: THE FLYING GHOST SHIP is the second film for kaizoku sentai gokaiger, and the first(and so far only) film where they don't team up with another toku hero. it was billed with KAMEN RIDER OOO WONDERFUL: THE SHOGUN AND THE 21 MEDALS. it shows the gokaiger fighting against los dark and his crew, which consists of past sentai villains as well as a gokai-oh duplicate called "fake gokai-oh"


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Gokai Red Captain Marvelous
Gokai Blue Joe Gibken
Gokai Yellow Luka Millfy
Gokai Green Don Dogoier
Gokai Pink Ahim de Famille
Gokai Silver Gai Ikari



  • rainian agent abrella: main antagonist of TOKASOU SENTAI DEKARANGER
    • anaroids
    • batsuroids
    • igaroids
  • baseball mask: minor membor of the black cross army, the villains who fought against HIMUTSU SENTAI GORANGER
  • combined combatman: the combined form of the main 34 foot soldiers from GORANGER to GOSEIGER
    • GORANGERS: zolders
    • JAKQ: crimers
    • BATTLE FEVER J: cutmen
    • DENJIMAN: dustlers
    • SUN VULCAN: machinemen
    • GOGGLE V: spotmen
    • DYNAMAN: tail soldiers
    • BIOMAN: mechaclones
    • CHANGEMAN: hidrer soldiers
    • FLASHMAN: zolors
    • MASKMAN: ungler soldiers
    • LIVEMAN: jimmers
    • TURBORANGER: wular soldiers
    • FIVEMAN: batzler soldiers
    • JETMAN: grinam soldiers
    • ZYURANGER: golems
    • DAIRANGER: cotpotros
    • KAKURANGER: dorodoros
    • OHRANGER: barlo soldiers
    • CARRANGER: wumpers
    • MEGARANGER: kunekunes
    • GINGAMAN: yartots
    • GOGOV: imps
    • TIMERANGER: zenettes
    • GAORANGER: orgettes
    • HURRICANGER: maggarappas
    • ABARANGER: barmia soldiers
    • DEKARANGER: anaroids
    • MAGIRANGER: zobils
    • BOUKENGER: karths
    • GEKIRANGER: rinshi
    • GO-ONGER: ugatz
    • SHINKENGER: nanashi company
    • GOSEIGER: bibi soldiers


go-on yellow: main female member of the core five ENGINE SENTAI GO-ONGER

go-on silver: female member and one half of the GO-ON WINGS, the allies to GO-ONGER

kigulesia: former rival of the GO-ONGER and exmember of the gaiark empire



  • gokai galleon
  • gokai jet
  • gokai dump
  • gokai racer
  • gokai sub



  • fake gokai galleon
  • fake gokai jet
  • fake gokai dump
  • fake gokai racer
  • fake gokai sub


  • go-on yellow, go-on silver, and kigelesia appear as the "G3 princesses" a group the three formed during go-onger(whethor or not engine 3 bearRV and engine 8 toriptor are with them at the time and bearRV was with go-on red in gunman world was just a vacation/get togethor with her husband and son(engine 1 speedor and engine 13 machafalcon) is unknown
  • this was not brought up in the go-onger story arc
  • Despite not being tributes to battle fever J nor Goranger, the main five do use tribute style gokai changes for each to fight off the combined combantant and baseball mask.