GOKAI-OH is the main mech of the gokaiger, it forms from gokai galleon(the main base of the gokaiger), gokai jet, gokai dump, gokai racer, and gokai sub. its main finisher is the gokai star burst, where the five ports open and in the center is a giant cannon that fires cannonballs.
Gokai oh


it stores the grand powers of the 35 sentai teams, eithor stored in the ports or trough a limb swap.

GORANGER: gokai oh combines with the varibloom to form GOREN GOKAI-OH

LIVEMAN: gokai oh summons the super live robo, the combanation of live robo and live boxer.

JETMAN: gokai oh doesnt use the jetman grand power, but infact was used by the gokaigers as the jetman.