Furai maru

furai maru

the FURAI MARU is the grand power of the hurricangers. it was orignally karakuri balls 07 and 08, and was used to combine sempujin(mech of hurricane red, hurricane blue, and hurricane yellow) and gouraijin(mech o
Hurricane gokai-Oh

hurricane gokai-OH

f kabuto raijyah and kuwagata raijyah) to gouraisempujin. in hurricanger, furai maru was navy blue, but here he is green, similar to the sixth hurricanger, sky ninja shurikenger. it now combines with gokai-OH to form HURRICANE GOKAI-OH. here, he has shurikens coming out of each limb, as well one used as a handheld weapon, the hurricanger logo on his chest, and a new helmet similar to sempujin