Greatest treasure in the universe

greatest treasure in the universe

Different gokai change

different gokai change

EPISODE 48 is the episode that finally shows the greatest treasure in the universe, and leads up to the two-part finale


the gokaigers meet five senshi from the remaining grand powers: sun vulcan, fiveman, flashman, chamgeman, and maskman. the zangueck send inarn to attack with a new mech, the great insarn.

the episode ends with the zangyack fleets attacking them, with the team unsure what theyre about to do,



red: vul eagle

blue: blue mask

yellow: five yellow

green: change griffen

pink: green flash

  • insarn is killed off, meaining that all the orignal villains are defeated, leaving only dyrandoh and ahim.
  • the greatest treasure in the universe is based of the tri-force from the legend of zelda.
  • even the greatest treasure in the universe is found and this was tribute episodes for sun vulcan, changeman, flashman, maskman, and fiveman, the following episode did have elements to zyuranger in it,
  • ahim is the only one that becomes a senshi that isnt one of her counterparts.