EPISODE 44 is the tribute to battle fever J, as well as the christmas special.


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red: ninjared, gaoyellow, battle japan

blue: ninjablue, tigerranger, battle france

yellow: ninjayellow, bouken yellow, battle kossack, magimother

green: ninjablack, hurricaneyellow, battle kenya

pink: ninjawhite, gosei yellow, miss america

silver: kirinranger, gokaichristmas

  • the fact that the team does an all yellow gokai change is ironic since the team they became had no yellow senshi, but instead the first(an
    All yellow change

    gokaiger as yellow senshi

    d currently only) orange senshi, battle kossack.
  • this is the first time marvelous becomes a yellow senshi, as well as the 3rd time he has become a non-red senshi, main or extra: the first was as bouken silver in episode 18 and the second was as denjgreen in episode 43, the episode before this one.
  • this is the second time that gai does a unique gokai change that is a combination of two other senshi, the first being go-on wings, which was a combination of go-on gold and go-on silver.