EPISODE 40 of gokaiger features mainly villains from GOSEIGER VS SHINKENGER, since how the gokaigers cameo worked, it have to involved time travel.

Shitari of the bones

shitari of the bones

SHITARI OF THE BONES: the brains of the gendoushu, he was orignally sunkin down with the sanzu river, but when he was freed by brajira(in his buredorun of the chubacabra form(since goseiger VS shinkenger took place after the end of the yuumajuu ark)) and in return, shitari gave brajira the power of the gendoushu leader: dokoku. he was destroyed by the main five gokaiger while they changed into red senshi.
Alice of the metal agent

alice of the metal agent

NOTE: all of shitari's appearance of episode 40 is stock footage.

Zankt0 of the shield

zankt0 of the shield

ETAL AGENT: the assistant to robogogu of the 10sai. she was destroyed by wonder gosei great. she appeared in this to explain how buredoran was found by mantrits.

ZANKT0 OF THE SHIELD: the prototype zankt model. he appears here as the main villain of the week. he was chosen because in timeranger, they had varios mechanical villains(led by gion, the scientest of the larnz family)