&nbsp EPISODE 37 is part 1 of a two parter revolving around three things: barizorg and joe's final fight, oils gils given a mech from his father, emperor akudos gils, and the gokaiger trying to find their own grand power.


After the Gokaigers defeat another wave of Sugormin with Machafalcon's help, the Engine asks the Gokaigers if they also have their own greater power just like the other Super Sentai, but the pirates are unable to give an answer as they have never thought about it. Meanwhile, oils gils father sends two members of his royal guard, the Dogormin to deliver the Great Warzu robot, Zangyack's strongest fighting machine, for him to take out the Gokaigers once and for all. Damarasu protests when Warzu Giru insists that he himself will lead the attack and the prince reveals to him that he overheard his conversation with the Emperor, who appointed Damarasu as his second in command for the Earth Invasion Force to ensure its success regardless of his ineptude as leader. Decided to make use of this opportunity to prove himself to his father, Warzu Giru sends Barizorg in advance to confront the pirates. Joe decides to face Barizorg by himself and the rest of the team agrees to cover up for him. While the regular Gormin are easily wiped out by the pirates, the Dogormin prove themselves as tougher opponents and the team makes use of some Extra Ranger Keys to drive them out. Barizorg and Joe's match reach a stalemate when oils gils makes his entrance and boards the Great Warzu to join the fight. The Gokaigers board their robo
Gokaiger as extra senshi

gokaiger as extra senshi

ts and summon Machalcon to aid them, but they are easily defeated by the Great Warzu. Despite combining the Gokaioh and Goujyujin into the Goujyu Gokaioh, the Gokaigers find that the enemy robot is more than they can handle and Captain Marvelous, remembering when Aka Red sacrificed himself to ensure his escape, forcibly ejects his crew to safety, determined to protect them at the cost of his life. The other Gokaigers are forced to witness Goujyu Gokaioh being defeated and the Gokai Galleon thrown out into deep space. Captain Marvelous is seen inside the cockpit, lying injured and unconscious on the floor.



red: wolzard fire

blue: none

yellow: zuuban(female verison)

green: signal man

pink: dekaswan

silver: bullblack