EPISODE 2 revolves around a young boy who wants to be a ranger/senshi.


the gokaiger are given there first hint from sari about where the greatest treasure in the universe. he says that they need to find a person in black. when looking, they notice that almost everbody they see is wearing black. they come across a boy who says he knows what they need to know. he then proceeds to tell them that they turn into SENTAI. the boy tries to to take captain marvelous's shinkenger key, only for him to take it back. but when a batch of gormins appear, he returns the key to the boy, as well as his mobirate. the boy, as shinken red, then proceeds to fight the gormin. he then retuns the mobirate and key. the action commander of the week, bongan, appears. they defeat him using dekaranger, hurricanger, and various red senshi. he then grows by using insarns newest invention. the gokaigers defeat him uisng the gokai star burst.

when confronting the boy once more, he says it really wasnt him they were looking for, he just wanted to be a senshi at least once. the episode ends with the gokai galleon being watched upon by kai ozu, the former magi red.



red- dekared, hurricane red, shinken red

blue- dekablue, hurricane blue(male version), gaored

yellow- dekayellow, hurricane yellow(female version), magired(feamale version)

green- dekagreen, kabuto raijyah, goseired

pink- dekapink, kuwagata raijyah(female version), gekired(female version)

-there are two references noticed in the gokai changes

-marvelous becomes shinken red, most likely because of what he had went through that day

-luka becomes magired, most likey since the next episode was the magiranger tribute

-this is the second time the gokaigers gokai change the same color(the first was in goseiger VS shinkenger) and the first in the main series