Gou jyu jin

gou jyu jin, gais mecha

episode 18 is the debut of gou jyu jin.


this episode starts off where episode 18 ended. the main five are asking gai where he got his powers from, and he explains that he saved a liitle girl from being run over by a truck, but went into coma. there, he was confronted by three past 6TH senshi: dragonranger, timefire, and abarekiller. they give him part of there respective teams grand powers as well as the gokai celluler, and gokai silver ranger key.

in the ship, gai freaks out at the sight of practicly everything in the ship; especially the treasure chest filled with ranger keys. he especially notices the keys for the goranger(the first team formed on earth) and big one of JAKQ. marvelous tells him to knock it off and just show them the keys that contain gai's three grand powers. he shows them, only for marvelous to take away the key and celluler, telling gai to leave. later, gai is sitting in a field wondering what to do now, but marvelous shows up and says he was wrong.

they go to a construction sight that the action commander of the week is attacking. they change into the gokaiger ad fight the gormin. they decide to change into the shinkenger, but gai doesnt his shinkengold key on him, he tells marvelous that it is the one with the kanji on his head, but when they change, he becomes kingranger instead. he then tells marvelous that the one he needs is shiney. they attack the monster as the six shinkenger, and then the main five become silver senshi, using there attacks, as well as gai's final wave to defeat the monster, only for it to grow to giant size. marvelous give gai the keys to use his grand powers. he uses the gou jyu jin mecha to take down the sugormin ans then uses the GOKAI TRIPLE DRILL DREAM to destroy the monster.

later on the ship, the gokaigers are exepting gai, save for don, who is seemingly jealous of him, setting up the next episode.


luka: three awsome transformations! that is cool!



red: shinken red, bouken silver

blue: shinken blue, gosei knight

yellow: shinken yellow, mega silver

green: shinken green, gaosilver

pink: shinken pink, go-on silver

silver: kingranger, shinkengold

koutaro tanaka reprises his role as DR mikito nikaidai/abarekiller