thumb|300px|left|gai ikaris reaction to the gokai galleonepisode 17 features the debut of gai ikari/gokai silver

All six gokaiger

all six gokaiger


the episode opens with the gokaiger fighting giant sugormin, they use patstriker, magi dragon, and there most recent grand power, the gosei headders. as they finish the fight, a person is seen watching them in a distance.

navi tells the gokaiger that there next clue to the greatest treasure in the universe is to find a man in grey/silver(similar to how in episode 2, he told them to find a man in black). after several red hearings, and fighting the monster of the week with the six senshi keys they took from basco, they come across a teen named gai ikari. he says he is the greatest super sentai fan, and he can make them a "SUPER TASK FORCE" and then imagines what that would be like, they dont buy into it though, and leave.

later, they are confronted by the action commander of the week, and are about to fight them. but gai shows up, demanding to be let in. they tell him to leave, but instead he becomes GOKAI SILVER. joe asks marvelous if he gave keys to anyone else, but marvelous denies it.

gai defeats the action commander using a final wave with his GOKAI SPEAR. he is then confronted by the gokaiger who want to know where he got those powers from.


the grand power of the goseiger is shown(they didnt have a chance to use it GOKAIGER GOSIEGER 199)

gai ikari/gokai silver debuts


gai: OH MY GOD!!!!!!



red: time fire

blue: magishine

yellow: megasilver(female version)

green: dragonranger

pink: abarekiller(female version)