shibibankan, the first action master confronted


epissode 1 is the first episode of gokaiger. it is the debut to the gokaiger and zangyack empire.


years ago, all the sentai teams teamed up to stop the zangyack empire and were able to defeat then at the loss of powers, this war was known as the hero great war.

the zangyack have now returned to earth and only the gokaiger can stop them.


gokai red/captain marvelous

gokai blue/joe gibken

gokai yellow/ luka milfey

gokai green/don dogoir

gokai pink/ahim de famille

oiles gil





gokai changes:

red: akaranger, shinken red, magi red

blue: ioranger, shinken blue, magi blue(male version)

yellow: kiranger(female version), shinken yellow, magi yellow(female version)

pink: momo ranger, shinken pink, magi pink

green: midoranger, shinken green, magi green

-the gorangers, the first team the rangers change into, are the first sentai formed on earth in 1974

-gokai-oh was used in the middle of the episode instead of the end so the action master of the week didnt grow