Captain marvelous

captain marvelous

Captain Marvelous is the leader of the Gokaiger. He found the ranger keys, along with Basco ta Jolokia and Akared , known as a group called the Akagi Pirates (Red Pirates), but Basco betrays them and Akared gives Marvelous the keys and mobirates and Marvelous leaves. He eventually finds the other members of his crew: Joe Gibken, Don Dogoier, Ahim de Famille and Luka Millfey.  They are eventually told to head to Earth on their search for the greatest treasure in the universe.


Marvelous is the leader of the group.  He's often stoic and seems removed from situations but usually steps in before things get too heated.  Marvelous is protective of his crew and tries not to let his emotions get the better of him.  He can seem like a bit of a bully to Gai and Don but it's always revealed that he is hard on them because he wants them to better themselves. 

Marvelous is also fond of food and can be seen eating quite often in the series.  His favorite food is chicken curry.


Captain Marvelous' name is reminescent of Captain Marvel of DC comics and Captain Marvel of Marvel comics.  He shares color schems and personality traits with the two and, like the Marvel version, is an alien that initially comes to Earth for his own agenda but ends up protecting it in the end. 


He is Gokai Red, having keys that allow him to turn into any red senshi of the previous 34 teams.


  • Akaranger(himutsu sentai goranger)
  • Spade Ace(JAKQ dengikeitei)
  • Battle Japan(battle fever J)
  • Denji Red(denshi sentai dejiman)
  • Vul Eagle(taiyou sentai sun vulcan)
  • Goggle red(dai sentai goggle V)
  • Dyna red(kagaku sentai dynaman)
  • Red 1(choudensi bioman)
  • Change dragon(dengeki sentai changeman)
  • Red flash(chousinsei flashman)
  • Red mask(hikari sentai maskman)
  • Red falcon(choujyu sentai liveman)
  • Turbo red(kosoku sentai turboranger)
  • Five red(chikyu sentai fiveman)
  • Red hawk(chojin sentai jetman)
  • Tyrranoranger(kyoryu sentai zyuranger)
  • Ryuuranger(gosei sentai dairanger)
  • Ninja red(ninja sentai kakuranger)
  • Oh red(choriki sentai ohranger)
  • Red racer(gekisou sentai carranger)
  • Megared(denji sentai megaranger)
  • Gingared(seijyu sentai gingaman)
  • Go red(kyuukyuu sentai gogoV)
  • Time red(mirai sentai timeranger)
  • Gaored(hyaku juu sentai gaoranger)
  • Hurricane red(ninpuu sentai hurricanger)
  • Abared(bakeru sentai abaranger)
  • Dekared(tokasou sentai dekaranger)
  • Magired(mahou sentai magiranger)
  • Bouken red(gogo sentai boukenger)
  • Gekired(jyuken sentai gekiranger)
  • Go-onred(engine sentai go-onger)
  • Shinken red(samurai sentai shinkenger)
  • Gosei Red(tensou sentai goseiger)
  • Gokai Red(kaizoku sentai gokaiger)


  • The only red senshi that isnt one of marvelous's counterparts is the female shinken red who was an extra senshi
  • Marvelous's mech is the Gokai Ohs base
  • Marvelous is the only one who's counterparts are all the same color and gender
  • Marvelous has similiar aspects to most of his counterparts