Black cross fuehrer

black cross king

the BLACK CROSS KING is the main villain of the orignal himitsu sentai goranger. he was resurected in gokaiger goseiger hero great battle 199 and led a new team with brajira of the messiah, yogomacriten, and dagon. he sent his men after the gokaiger and goseiger, splitting them up and having each group be attacked by one of the three generals. after the groups reunited, black cross king used all of the ranger keys in a cannon weapon to summon 176 senshi for the two teams. after they were all defeated, black cross grows only to be attacked by the super sentai bazooka. he then evolves to his most powerful form: BLACK CROSS COLLOSUS. he causes a massacre and nearly destroyed the two teams mecha, until they use all there power to summon all 33 other main mecha, which go to destroy brajira, yogomacritein, and dagon. black cross is then destroyed himself by goren gokai-OH

he is supposed to return in super hero taisen.