Akared is the spirit of all red senshi(not counting kabuto raijya, timefire, female shinke
Akared 2


n red, and wolzard fire as they are not the main red senshi of there teams) he was the leader of the red pirates until basco betrayed him and marvelous; joining the zangyack. akared supposably died fighting off all the gormin and sugormin troops.


Akared first appeared in the 30th anniversery: GOGO SENTAI BOUKENGER VS SUPER SENTAI as the leader of the dream senshi: which included hurricaneblue(hurricanger), abareblack(abaranger), dekabreak(dekaranger), magiyellow(magiranger), and boukensilver(boukenger). By the end, he left earth and waited for it to be in danger once more, and until then he would rest.

After the super sentai hero great war, akared created a group called the red pirates, that consisted of him, Captain marvelous, and Basco ta jolokia. they managed to find all of the ranger keys. eventually, basco betrayed them and joined with the zangyack. akared tried to fend off all of the troops, but he supposedly died in the process, but not before handing the chest of ranger keys over to marvelous, who then went on to form the gokaiger with joe gibken, don dogoer, ahim de famille, and luka millfey.

In episode 38, akared returned as a spirit to encourage marvelous to continue fighting, which led to the ultimate power of the gokaiger to be unlocked.

Soul SummonEdit

As the spirit of all red warrior, akared can become any red warrior and/or summon any of thier weapons. He does so by doing a soul summon, his equivelant to the gokaigers gokai change, exept with out the need for ranger keys.

  • Akaranger
  • Spade ace
  • Battle japan
  • Denjired
  • Vul eagle
  • Goggle red
  • Dyna red
  • Red 1
  • Change dragon
  • Red flash
  • Red mask
  • Red falcon
  • Red turbo
  • Five red
  • Red hawk
  • Tyrranoranger
  • Ryuuranger
  • Ninjared
  • Ohred
  • Red racer
  • Mega red
  • Ginga red
  • Go-red
  • Timered
  • Gaored
  • Hurricane red
  • Abared
  • Dekared
  • Magired
  • Boukenred
  • Gekired(assumed)
  • Go-on red(assumed)
  • Shinkenred(assumed)
  • Gosei red(assumed)
  • Gokai red(assumed)
  • Red buster(assumed)


  • Akared's name literly translates to "red red"
  • The fact that he didnt find the 6th senshi ranger keys himself is ironic since the dream senshi was made up of mostly six senshi(dekabreak, magishine, boukensilver)